This is what I wish I had for covering interbike! I was going to sell one, but I think I'm going to keep it for when the other one dies. This is not a good place to simply share cool photos or promote your work, but rather a place to discuss photography as an art and post things that would be of interest to other photographers. And the padding is much thicker and harder. The Crumpler bags that Julie and I will be looking at today are both made of Dupont Cordura Plus and lined with rip-stop nylon. Can you imagine introducing a bag to the market at $100 and then three months later you have to explain to customers why it is $150 even though there is no difference? Crumpler lost its association with the phrase "high quality" and our returns and exchange rate increased more than 40% compared to the year before. As far as I can tell from visiting their retail locations here in AU, i'd still get their camera bags on the basis of quality. I’m wanting something with plenty of compartments. Broken lcd on my canon from setting my bag down. While the Shrinkle backpack is quite difficult to access, but at least it offers lots of security. It seems much more controlled in the bicycle industry where major distributors don't sell directly to consumers. I’ve been looking at Crumpler and noticed their Tucker Bag ( What made you go for the zero borders bag? Bought a Crumpler bag, returned it and now I have Kata + Thinktank. Get … I am based in Australia so I’m looking for something I can buy from somewhere local or ideally check out in person but will definitely add this to my list of options :). It joins the Bellroy Transit Backpack at 28L and the Transit Backpack Plus at 38L. I’m thinking something in the range of 20-25L, however, also having to keep in mind I’m a slim, 168cm Female so something not too bulky would be ideal. I travelled around Tasmania with it full of gear for a few weeks and felt no strain on my back at all. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They focus on profit alone and have come up with strange policies, such as their "lifetime" warranty (it is really hard for a bag to fall under this - come on fellow Redditors, back me up on this! And what better way to do that than to celebrate the creative relationships that sustain and excite us. Like a wombat’s cloaca, this lightweight drawstring backpack has a single orifice for everything. And the chicken-tex material is also failing. It makes sense and fits with what I noticed and when I noticed the problems. Canvas bags, like the Waterfield Vitesse Cycling Musette, always feel a little riskier for laptops and electronics, but a solid leather bag like the Kinsale feels more trustworthy. I have two Crumpler bags: a Wee Bee and a McBain's Baby XL both from 2005 that are fantastic, have served me well, and seem indestructible. So it’ll look (and be) small and compact when you need it, but can also hold a heap of stuff when you extend it out. I was thinking about a MDH for my "new" Leica M3 but after reading this I'm looking at other companies. Is there a certain naming convention in the model name? Here's where Crumpler's Sinking Barge comes in. This is really interesting. ate into our market share and there was nothing we could do. This drone backpack, made with DJI Phantom equipment in mind, is very comfortable and easy to use. Value for money: Hmm Crumpler bags are expensive, however they are built to last. I’m also considering the Bellroy classic / classic plus options. It also allows you to carry a laptop in a seperate compartments. I think it stands up on its own, which might come in handy with all your EDC use cases. Damn, you just described my life. I used to own a crumpler bag - I can't remember the model. The expandability seems good for the travel use case but kinda seems lacking in admin. Crumpler Status Belly Bag By Judie Stanford / February 8, 2006 May 1, 2017 / Reviews / Bags , Gear , Shoulder bag / 2 Comments Not long ago, Julie and I were looking at the I think China is a major factor; the companies and small business owners there that normally sell for $25 can ship from China directly to consumers for less than half the price if not lower. Not sure now but what you say makes sense alas, I guess it's one of the sad aspect of capitalism and globalization.I do have a Kata as well and nothing to say on that one either, great stuff. Never used it but I've had crumpler bags in the past. But it certainly feels like a solidly-built bag, and I'd have no hesitation in buying Crumpler again. There's not much written about that bag. Good to know! The latest crumpler I got was on stock sale at the end of 2014, was The Private Zoo laptop backpack, which has a horizontal black fabric with "crumpler" on it. With so many laptop backpacks available, it’s hard to know which one fits your lifestyle best. Made in Melbourne, their product designers have dozens of years experience! I'm new to this thread and to Reddit, but my friend suggested I join since I have spent most of my career in the camera bag industry (yes I know, super niche!). Crumpler develops uncompromising, functional, design focused Messenger Bags, Laptop and Photo Bags, Travel Bags, Backpacks and Accessories. That means I was surrounded by Crumpler bags each and every day for years, having ordered hundreds of thousands dollars worth of bags each quarter. I’ve been lurking this subreddit the last few days as I’m in the hunt for a new backpack! Crumpler's House of Horror laptop bag is frightfully versatile, transitioning from boardroom tote to boardwalk backpack, while keeping your 15-inch laptop safe and secure. This whole manufacturer -> distributor -> retailer picture is all disappearing it seems. the US market is controlled by Crumpler from Australia, so they can sell at a much cheaper price than the rest of the world. It's a rare bag that works so well for so many purposes that I can justify having two. I feel that's the way it should be. One of the best travel camera bags for drones is the Manfrotto Aviator D1 Backpack. Are retail prices controlled by the manufacturer? Their goal is to design the most fashionable, and practical bags available through functional product design. Maybe I've just been lucky and got a good sample. Even used it as a pillow in a few places. Try asking your store clerk as well, mine helped me a lot when I described my needs for a backpack. Now, why pre-2010? It's huge and I don't use it all that often. Still, it's useful as a mixed-use bag, like camera + light jacket + water bottle or something like that. I remember sitting in their office in Melbourne with the other distributors and we were all shocked with the new bags: less padding, lighter material, easily breakable zips, etc. I also experienced the same thing you are talking about here with the quality not being the same any more. All of them older bags. Main features: • 1680D Cordura® ballistic nylon with a water repellent coating exterior• Ripstop Nylon lining• Fidlock® magnetic buckle• Du You can tell it’s made from good sturdy materials and the design is very stylish. No idea why you're being downvoted, similar experience. I still use a holster type bag I bought 4 years ago and it still works/looks fine. My newest one is a Life Citizen I got midyear during their sales. Appreciate your response! Our competitors LowePro, Kata, Think Tank, Vanguard, National Geographic, etc. The distributors and I provided ample design suggestions to Crumpler but they didn't want to hear any constructive feedback. So rather than supporting the retailers unfortunately, many manufacturers (who mostly manufacture in China) have started selling on Amazon, Zulily, Target and big box stores and often times sell at a cheaper price or allow these chains to sell at any price. I know the bags like the back of my hand and I can even refer to them by their product code number. That is sad to read. We teamed up with artist Phil Ferguson, aka Chili Philly for the release of our Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Barney Messenger.  It retails for $550. It’s definitely a step-up from my current bag nonetheless, but I definitely don’t want to rush into a bag I might regret. Crumpler Haven Medium Camera Pouch (US$ 69) Crumpler’s Haven Medium Camera Pouch is a compact choice for smaller camera loads. e.g. I was a big fan of Crumpler products for a long time. The mantra has this but not a lot of compartments. That bag was so obviously defective that we wanted to return every single one of them straight away. I feel that the Crumpler backpack seats more comfortably on your shoulder. Some manufacturers would even tell their customers on new products before the retailers get them and allow them to buy direct. It might just have been bad luck, but I've never had that kind of bad luck out of my lowepro or pelican cases, so that was the end of my relationship with Crumpler. This rugged waterproof backpack is built for all conditions, with its 22 litre capacity and roll top and buckle closure system. They are solid. We’re still excited to mark 25 years of Crumpler bags roaming the streets and airways of the world. So it is very interesting to read about the dates you had with what happened in the company with the deterioration of the brand. I can never have too much Crumpler stuff. I felt bad for the customers, and finally it was the guilt that led me to stop working with Crumpler. The thing for me is that they all seem to be high quality, if anything what Ive noticed is that their Messenger bags/Laptop bags remain at the same quality they've always been, but they've introduced nearly a 'lower quality' line with thinner meterials and less padding and such. Crumpler turned the blame on its distributors and said we were all bad at retail. I ask since my wife owns a small retail store and the industry she deals with (baby items) has seen a surge of Chinese manufacturers producing similar products at a price US manufacturers probably can't even compete at wholesale level. Speaking of organization, five exterior mesh pockets keep smaller accessories at the ready. Is there a way to distinguish a pre-2010 bag? It made pricing so difficult for us. They're defs lighter and look like it too, but none of them are photography bags, just casual backpacks, tote bags and handbags etc. I have a few Crumpler bags myself, not this one though. It's too bad the company is effectively going down the pooper. Discussion about backpacks, onebag, one bagging, travel, packing, and EDC. The oldest crumpler messenger bags I have, use a rubbery/plastic circle with their man logo on it: and as far as I remember these were all pre 2010 bags. Sometimes it's not a question of +/- 10%, but more like +/- 40-50%. I love the compartments in that daily backpack, that would be perfect. I purchased a Karachi Outpost back in 2007/8ish and its not only the most comfortable backpack I've ever owned it feels really well built. It also has a new inner label, and a hologram underneath, I guess to fight against counterfeits.  The backpack inside is removeable and has compartments for all your photo needs. The water-resistant pouch offers 360-degree padding and dividers in the main compartment for further protection and organization. But then the new designs started to go wrong with strange and impractical designs. Crumpler features some of the most unique, practical, long-lasting, functional and sturdy bags and luggage! Such is the familiarity I have with their products. /r/photography is a place to politely discuss the tools, technique and culture of photography. The next oldest I have was their Skivvy (M) laptop bag used a vertical black fabric logo: IIRC it's from around 2011/2012? I'd like to share my experience with Crumpler camera bags. ), and how they plan their annual sales: for example, they sold bags to the public in the US at a price cheaper than the price they offered me and the other distributors... so effectively, as a distributor it's cheaper for me to buy Crumpler in the US at retail price as a consumer than buying direct from Crumpler as a wholesaler?! Literally the seams are failing. An effortless mix of style and substance, THE ICONIC stocks an extensive range of backpacks. So I stopped buying Crumpler bags and sold of a few I already had. Not only are they ergonomic, but they also offer protection and organization for your many devices. I also used to own a Nikon 70-200 F/2.8 lens. In terms of compartments, do you find it to be enough to keep your bag relatively organised? So you may need some pouches to keep everything from being just jumbled together in the main compartment. I don't trust crumpler either. It's the only Crumpler bag I've ever had, and it gets daily use. It’ll come with me as a carry-on as well when I travel. Sales plummeted and even the media had a hard time giving us good reviews despite the heavy advertising we invested into their magazines and websites. Anyway, It holds the kit lens and the 20D with my Tamron 28-75 fitted together with a few small accessories..lens pen, Remote switch, a few filters. I actually like how my one looks compared to the current model, more understated and stealthy. This backpack (and another bag I have from Europe) has plastic zipper pulls. It's held up nicely so far. I often convinced myself that Crumpler had improved, but in the back of my mind I probably could not bear to admit I was selling a sub-standard product. Tenba suffered the same fate- I miss the classic bomb proof pro paks. The front element of the lens ended up cracked. Crumpler also have some options which you can extend in size. I've been very happy with my purchased-in-2014 Sebang Outpost (no idea of the manufacture date). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, I often convinced myself that Crumpler had improved, but in the back of my mind I probably could not bear to admit I was selling a sub-standard product. Press J to jump to the feed. They set a high standard that few have manged to reach. Unfortunately I can't quite give a exact dates, but I've bought a range of crumpler bags over the years, and the material they use for their logo has changed. The daily by able might be worth a look, but a bit on the small side or maybe not your aesthetic.

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