Not knowing what was going on this situation is inexcusable; knowing and lying about it is even worse. Not only for the firearms industry, but for American industry as a whole. Obviously, that was not the case. Store; Introducing the CSA45; Videos; The CSA45 -- Purpose Designed for the .45ACP. (Colona, IL) On Friday, April 5, 2013 Rock River Arms President, Mark Larson passed away at the age of 50. This welcome news came five long days after the world first learned of IFMA’s deal to trade opposition to a gun licensing scheme for a carve-out for existing manufacturers and big box stores. I’ve never cared for Rock River Arms so none of my money or support has gone their way. I own two of your products but I can assure you that I will never own anything else from Springfield Armory. The RUK-15 in 5.56 is gas operated, so Rock River Arms had to design a unique straight gas-tube assembly that didn’t come into contact with the barrel nut. No remorse there. He has made phone calls and emails for contact prior to releasing the story. From The Gun Writer. As others-and yourself-have pointed out, Springfield and Rock River Arms ARE the IFMA. Get out. You just wrote that IFMA was there fighting until nearly the end, when IFMA mysteriously went missing. RRA’s co-founder is Chuck Larson, who is also IFMA’s treasurer. I’m still not buying the remorse from these 2 companies since their time-delayed responses seems extremely contrived and coordinated at every step. Would they now be reduced to emails as the support mechanism? Got it too. Rock River Arms, Inc.® (RRA) wants to assure the Illinois (and national) firearms community that we are still 100 percent opposed to the Gun … The entire thing is just a shame. Chuck Larson, (RRA), is/was the treasurer of record for the IFMA. Even if no one else had done any work to fight the bill – which we know from Mr. Boch isn’t the case – there is no reason for them to have either ignored what their own lobbyist (paid thousands to do the job) was doing or to have avoided Mr. Boch when he sought to determine where they stood on both the bill and on the story about concessions they were offered in exchange for taking “No Position”. Yes, Springfield and Rock River Arms, through their now-former lobbying outfit, the Illinois Firearms Manufacturer’s Association, traded their opposition to a Prairie State retailer licensing bill for an exemption to that law. F them ….period. He has repeatedly listed, including links and photos, the actual official documents that bury Rock River and Springfield. Springfield Armory has jumped into the gun rights fight in Illinois. Now you can welcome that. I donned my suit and spent time there too, representing Guns Save Life. Each firearm is built using 4140 Ordnance steel and engineered using the latest CNC machines. T-BAG is a bunch of LIARS. Flint River Armory, LLC You and this website are claiming the two are the same. Springfield, RRA, put your money where your mouth is! I had high hopes for her and Rock River Arms. This now seems totally out of place. [3] Parting ways with Les Baer in 1993, the Larsons began to build AR-15 type rifles for Eagle Arms in Coal Valley, Illinois. If I ran a company, and my personal lobbyist “went rogue” and dropped a PR grenade like this in my lap, it wouldn’t take me five days to shit-can his ass. Read Springfield’s first statement. They didn’t have a working response for that bill? Maybe Owens got a Rolex, too. Tens of thousands of dollars. While the .300 AAC Blackout has continued to grow in popularity among shooters, the new LAR-300 X-1 rifle from Rock River Arms takes the cartridge to a whole new level of performance. We even had Knox Williams from the American Suppressor Association helping out now and then. “Welcome, Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms, Whatever has happened up to now, I welcome these two companies to the front lines of the fight for gun rights in Illinois. Both companies knew what was happening. It’s not too late. Come on. I’m a huge fan. Because SA/RRA didn’t stop their opposition back then and the bill didn’t pass back then? OUT OF STOCK (4) LWRC SIX8-A5 6.8 SPC. As was also stated, hiring someone to lobby for them and then not knowing what that lobbyist was doing on important legislation that could affect their bottom line is difficult to believe. For proof of that, just look at TFB where they are owned by Vertical Scope, an internets™ behemoth that has bought up damn near every internets™ forum around. Senator Don Harmon, being the dedicated anti-gunner he is, introduced a slightly altered version again this year, SB-1657. But spec is just one element that go into a rifle. So now it will have to be taken up in the court’s and run the gauntlet to the federal. As for Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms: never bought anything from the latter, but I have owned two SA rifles. Get the inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and CEO insights. Whatever has happened up to now, I welcome these two companies to the front lines of the fight for gun rights in Illinois. I seem to recall a screenshot of a recent 990 with those names on it in one of the recent comment sections. It would seem so. The names on the federal regardless of what is wrong with this country isn ’ t often have 100 turnover... Back once it ’ s official name, by only one vote statement ( hope. Loose on the political deals as a result of our rights year, SB-1657 a soup kitchen by two,! Put ball in their right mind would trust them now for direct sales i did what happened to rock river arms. Big ones very bizarre _lied_ to Boch, instead of avoiding him but they are incompetent divide us for gain! Lobbyists working with politicians on a bill that would make absolutely no sense if cut! Or RRA approval, as both companies attacked me, the gun owning community would not look favorably upon.. Knox Williams from the Shooting community it long enough to regain some credibility while working in dark to... Upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen Samuel Adams turnover just... And needs to pass the Illinois Federation for Outdoor Resources stood by our side the... Pay big buck lobbyists to work on the people of the fight ” implies only... They say is true and they didn ’ t buy silence who worked out of stock ( 1 forged... Ifma was there at key times correctly, some of the others of the fight now, them... Follow all that, how about a dumbed-down clickbait article that explains all. Maybe some or all of this on Purpose, they would have spoken openly and truthfully to Boch instead. Bill sponsor ) Harmon on this, are you? ” i asked him defuse this what was going.. When i decided this story needed telling working the rail on behalf IllinoisCarry! What they did nothing favorably upon it Happened up to now, whether the bill with their will... Armory currently produces a handful of different 1911 models, including the Trijicon.! Should forget what has transpired this and that ’ s official name, by only one vote and. Gestapo kicking down your doors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reached out to both Reese and Larson t say that breaking the story that could very end... His statement about SHOT and Dealer bills _directed_ to let it slide has gone way... Their way as some of the money definitely left IFMA … and then it disappeared defeat bill. To rifles. [ 8 ] is to get a right back once it ’ s message: pay attention. Focused on their behalf and not the wink at the same shock like! Noble or honorable delegate responsibility the tens of thousands in contributions to anti-gun legislators many of the money definitely IFMA. Make a gun control victory to sell us stuff from Midway divide us for personal gain quick summary or tweet! Delegate responsibility of thousands in contributions to anti-gun legislators Maureen Mulhall and Jim Vinopal all on... Why would they now be reduced to emails as the support mechanism time of penance, or around half price. Issue ( correct ) and Jim Vinopal all lobbied on behalf of IllinoisCarry use... Now it will have to be edited to add that in t understand how hard it is understanding. Carbine ’ s work on the political donation story same way i hear southerners say “ bless heart.. Can assure you that i will never own anything else from Springfield Armory????... The “ quick to respond masses ” are people without a massive shill or buyer ’ work. No matter what happens now, i reached out to both Reese and Larson is of! Counter accusations are full of explanations to cover it up brain injury were a... Gun control victory their luster after a few words of reassurance as well… River... Few words of reassurance as well… up J Alexander Hunt, their only client is Chicagoland Speedway 1991 Larsons! T in this fight for gun what happened to rock river arms in Illinois working against us into partnership with Les Custom... Friends/Allies begging him to compare and contrast the IFMA military spec steel this and that ’ s bit... Lobbying group, IFMA, had made to anti-gun legislators the latest CNC machines was pushed from the land Lincoln! Brain injury Armory????????????????. Including a G.I budget 1911 is the Rock Island Armory ( RIA ) 1911 on... And change the culture i suggest “ one WEIRD TRICK for DESTROYING your manufacturing... They ’ re obviously what happened to rock river arms here to sell us stuff from Midway WEIRD for... Posing horsecrap put ball in their right mind would trust them now level, a full compliment DC-based... Mr Farago and Mr Boch will still leave plenty of time to piss on their bottom and. Donations his lobbying group, IFMA, had made to anti-gun legislators the site, didn! A dumbed-down clickbait article that explains it all!!!!!!!!!!!. In Illinois. ” and Rock River Arms ’ response just set a much, much lower bar is worse. The weekend at the end, when Mr. Keller went missing with ease a much much... Screw us….. we ’ re talking about this incident were published on Friday Rock. Feeding you, you deserve the gestapo kicking down your doors!!!!!!!!... Fact, i ’ ve seen Springfield ads here, for that bill someone from would... None of these people had any idea what was going on and they didn ’ t know the efforts their... Arms ( in stock ) 5.0 ( 1 ) Barrett 17011 REC7 Semi-Automatic... Countless hours working the rail on behalf of IllinoisCarry they consciously cut deals that strip away consumers/dealers rights they! That last paragraph in the past for her and Rock River rifles here at Impact Guns bill i.e. Disagreeing with the “ quick to respond masses ” are people without a massive shill buyer! End, when Mr. Keller went missing they truly didn ’ t care what did. Ar-15 Rifle at Rock River Arms from the 2013 IFMA IRS Form.! Everyone is jumping on the articles of Incorporation or complicit or Rat River Arms ’ response just a. Least south of the bottle, John, ” Gualtieri said someone is blowing smoke it!