It would be like saying "light is God" (reversing "God is light")! But these things are preliminaries. 1 John 5 Chapter 4 In this chapter the apostle exhorts to try spirits ( v. 1 ), gives a note to try by ( v. 2 , v. 3 ), shows who are of the world and who of God ( v. 4-6 ), urges Christian love by divers considerations ( v. 7-16 ), describes our love to God, and the effect of it ( v. 17-21 ). God’s love is personal: it is not mere compassion for the multitude; it is an infinite affection for the individual. (W. J. 8. “Was it love,” a man says, “to make man, and then let him fall into sin and misery?” The answer is two-fold. And as the love of God is thus manifested, in that we were His enemies, for whose salvation His Son was sent, so is it, more over, manifested by the greatness of the salvation, which was wrought by His coming: a salvation great in every particular respect; great in respect to its extent; great in respect of the deliverance which it affords; great in respect to the means of grace which it now affords us, and of the all-sufficient aid of Christ’s Holy Spirit to overcome our natural weakness and corruption; and great in respect of the hope of everlasting glory which it reveals to those who shall hereafter be admitted into His presence. See on God is light (1 John 1:5), and the truth (1 John 1:6); also God is spirit (John 4:24). We must integrate these truths in biblical proportion and balance. “What was it in the sermon that touched you?” The man replied, “There was nothing in the sermon that touched me. God said something quite different. Love cannot let us die. Carson argues (p. 17, correctly, I think), “On this axis, God’s love for the world cannot be collapsed into his love for the elect.”. They are angry, unkind, impatient, abusive in their speech, self-centered in their daily lives, and judgmental of others. Forgive the illustration. Who art thou, O man, with thy limited perception, blind to all the future--who art thou, that thou darest to say what infinite, omniscient, eternal love ought to do? One glimpse is all my utmost skill supplies. Here is indeed the point of contact between the sublime truth of the Holy Trinity and the humblest, smallest, most trying claims which one poor, suffering human being may lay upon another, if this other is a Christian, a child and servant of this God. Biblical Commentary (Bible Study) Revelation 1:4-8 EXEGESIS: THE CONTEXT: This book opens with the Greek words, Apokalypsis Iesou Christou (The revelation of Jesus Christ). In the house of the rich man there are many treasures—rare books, costly pictures, splendid marbles, shining gems; but the little child who bears his image and likeness, and who looks up into his face with smiling love, and who answers to his affections with tender heart, is the dearest jewel of them all. In Revelation 20:15-note, the apostle of love writes about the final and eternal condemnation of all whose names were not found written in the book of life, that they were thrown into the lake of fire. And very many spend their time in putting up fences and limits to the love of God, as if it were beset with statutes, and thoughts of precedents, and dread of presumption. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even an animal. The brightest lights throw the deepest shadows. (Contrast, but with some remarkable variations) he that loveth not (general, as before: no object: he that hath not love in him) hath never known God (aor. So every soul that is saved is saved by love. I. But, by the expression “God is love,” St. John evidently wishes to convey to us the idea that love is the great motive power of the Divine Being. ], 4. (M. G. 1 John 4:8. No one but a God of love could send the loving Christ. This Epistle was an Epistle General, that is, it was not directed to any local Church. Our witness will lack power without the force of God’s love. In the first place, I think we should take this text as it stands--as being literally and completely true. (c) The Holy Spirit sheds abroad the love of God in the heart (Romans 5:5). But this is not all that the sun does. Illingworth (J. R.), Sermons Preached in a College Chapel, 130. God is also light (, "All His activity is loving activity. He commanded us, “Love one another as I have loved you” (Jn. “Mother washes her hands of you,” was the reply. All God’s attributes are inflections or phases of love. Another reason you can’t say, “love is God” is because love doesn’t completely describe God, but God, does completely defines love. Their teaching and their behavior simply promoted self, not Christ. 2 ff., vol. It is the office of love to seek the final good of its object; to bless the object rather than pamper it; to raise and ennoble and glorify it rather than minister to its passing whims and caprices. I judge of strength by my own arm, or by the winds and angry seas; or by the power of human mechanism. God had served man, created a perfect home for man—served his intellect, quickened it by the problems which He had set him to solve; but He still needed the “one word more” to tell all that was in Him. You do not say that dawn makes the sun? God loves the good, the true, the pure, but His love rises higher that it may come down lower; and He loves me--me. It hurt Christ, but He kept on loving, even at the cost of His life. But John wants us to know that the foundation for our love for one another is God, Who is the source of love and whose very nature is love. He would never degrade the genius that was in him by pandering to vulgar wealth. Fleeter than darting fish or startled dove; All, all declare the same, that God is Love! You cannot reverse "God is love" and say "Love is God," for that would border on pantheism! No, He is not knowable to the intellect, with its prying and searching; provable, perhaps, but not knowable. ‘God is love.’, II. The measure of the “love” is the measure of the “God.” (J. Vaughan, M. The sober-minded Deist, out of pure reverence for God, he thinks, refuses to believe the story. One night the tabernacle was lighted but the people had not yet gathered for the evening service. ", John Stott adds "Yet, if his judging is in love, his loving is also in justice. Absence of love shows that a person does not have intimate fellowship with God. Many who read these precious words of John do not seem to be aware of the holy and self-sacrificing love about which John wrote. God must express Himself for His own sake. But whether He be merciful or beneficent or just or righteous or holy, He is love.1 [Note: Lyman Abbott. God cannot love one and withhold His love from another, for God is love, and He cannot help loving. Beautiful, of infinite worth to Him! ἐστίν) God is love ( ἀγάπη, not ἡ ἀγάπη: love is the very essence, not merely an attribute, of God. ), City Temple Pulpit, iii. No addition is possible. Be aware that there are some commentaries that say exactly the opposite of what John is saying -- they make statements such as "it is possible to be saved and not love." Christ did not create, He revealed, the love of God. For God is love - He is not merely benevolent, he is benevolence itself. Or, the opposite is also true. Dodd on God is love - "All His activity is loving activity. I. God’s love is redemptive and persists in spite of our unworthiness.—A man had fallen into a deep dark pit, and lay at its miry bottom, groaning and utterly unable to move. I do not wonder; your grief is exceeding great; but—God is love. John’s main application here is that children take on the characteristics of their parents. As much therefore, as the heaven we have gained is better than the paradise we have lost, by so much are we the better and the happier for Adam’s fall. Before serving his sentence, he was allowed to see his sister, who came to visit him in gaol. And heart so moved with beauty, perfume, song. II. But when we take love as God‘s essence, the argument is sound: This man doth not love, and therefore knows not love: God is essentially love, therefore he knows not God. The great power in the world to redeem men, to uplift, to ennoble men, is the power of love. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. It matters not: to God to tell Himself was a necessity, for “God is love.”. 7:7-8; Ro 9:13-note). So is it with some of you. Unfailing is God's matchless love, And there is no man or woman who would not see the great house blotted out by fire, and every treasure absolutely destroyed rather than that harm should come to one hair of that golden head. II. 2. (b) Had the Church done her part, the earth would by this time have been enlightened. 506 See the discussion of major divisions in 1 John in the previous section “Structure and Purpose of 1 John.”. This is a goal very far from us, the love of saints, the love of the men whom God in His turn reverences; but it has been realised by one and another lonely soul along the ages, living afar upon the mountains in the air we cannot breathe, to remind us that after all sacrifice is an element in love, and an element that will be present in proportion as love is stronger—that if God is love, there must be eternal sacrifice in Him, and that we cannot dwell in love without partaking of that sacrifice. In the view of this subject we may discover what it was which moved God to the work of creation. If He creates, He creates in love; if He rules, He rules in love; if He Judges, He judges in love. ἐν τούτῳ refers to the following ὅτι. Agape is an attitude manifest by actions, caring, committed actions. Lewis (E. W.), Some Views of Modern Theology, 83. Knoweth not God] If moral virtue could be seen with mortal eyes, saith Plato, it would draw all hearts unto it. Compare the notes at 2 Corinthians 13:11. But it is a luxury to her to serve him. Love needs an object, and since there was a time before anything was created, there was a time when the only love in the universe was between the … We are suffered to know something, not of His working only, but of His being. If God is universal and in communication with every human soul, then, when you bring these things together, it yields the truth that the eternal love of God extends eternally to every saint and sinner of the human race. Nothing but love has ever reigned on the throne of creation; nothing but love ever will reign. God is love is not just a "quality" of God, but is the essence of Who God is forever and ever. Love made earth. How can a decree of absolute, unconditional reprobation, of the greater part or any part of the human race, stand in the presence of such a text as this? John gives a clear marker by which we can all test our profession of faith in Christ. God is only known to the loving. God, having spoken in time past partially and variously by the prophets, in the last days, when the time was full, spoke unto the world by His Son. If God is an eternal being, and if God is love, then the love of God is nothing less than an eternal thing. 1 John 1:5) and "God is spirit" (cf. He would go on holding fellowship with his own soul’s visions in the soul’s private sanctuary; but he would not demean himself by selling his soul to the man who merely could pay the highest price for it. The capacity to love is not love; it does but accentuate the void. God so loved the world that he gave His Son (John 3:16). God had never been able to tell Himself in these. Thinking It Over The aroist tense: did not know, from the beginning. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. ), Speaking Good of His Name, 197. Wiersbe paraphrases 1Jn 4:8 - "“The person who does not have this divine kind of love has never entered into a personal, experiential knowledge of God. The door of hope is never closed by the Father’s hand. The Scriptures ascribe affections to God in the most plain and unequivocal terms. All the time that Mr. Moody preached, the man was weeping in the corner. This is God; this was the solution of the world’s problem: God had told Himself at last. John is the apostle of three foundational statements about the nature of God - God is spirit (Jn 4:24). 1 John 4:8. Each of these attributes of God interacts with the other. Did you ever start a quail from her nest, and follow her as she flew low and with only one wing, almost within your reach? I know only by what I am conscious of in myself, or by what I see about me. Men are required to imitate their heavenly Father. The excited conscience has formulated a God, but it has been a God of vengeance, wrath, and fury. How have you been hurt by those you've tried to love? It is to fail to manifest the nature of him whom we claim as our Father (born of God) and our Friend (knows God). For God is love.— God is the most benevolent of all beings, full of love to his depending creatures; so that in him there is nothing wanting to the highest perfection of love. Logically the statement stands parallel with ‘God is light’ (1Jn 1:5-note) and ‘God is spirit’ (Jn. The answer is no--and yes. Yes. They are all determined, limited, described, if God is love, by love. Wesley said, "Love is God's reigning attribute that sheds an amiable glory upon all of his other perfections. 2. Spurgeon - Never let it be thought that any sinner is beyond the reach of divine mercy so long as he is in the land of the living. God is perfect love, all His affections are pure and clear as the crystal stream. II. But chose a manger and a cross To grave upon my heart, that God is Love! All that He does is the expression of His nature, is—to love. The friend dies for the foe, the pure for the impure, the Creator for the creature. “God is love,” I say. Bengel says: “This brief sentence gave John, even during the mere time he took to write it, more delight than the whole world can impart.” And, indeed, one can well believe it; for, you must remember, John really and deeply cared about God; and if we really care about God and men, this text, if we believe it, will assuage our sorrow, lighten our hearts, and brighten our lives. And so the suffering all turns to reward, and the compensation is abundant! ], I was at Doulton’s wonderful art works the other day, and saw one superb specimen of art—an illustration of a dream of Dante’s. The words “For God so loved the world” are cherished by every believer. Let’s be careful we don’t go through the motions without loving those we’re talking to. Light is not God. The people gathered and Mr. Moody ascended the platform and began to preach. Up and up it mounts, until the highest peak is reached that human life offers footing to. His character and His service, these were left to Him, and in His calling to these He recognized that God loved Him. If there had been any single man upon earth whom He did not love as Himself, He would have been a breaker of the law. But the mists which cloud the summer morning are only made to melt into the sweeter noonday brightness. Did you follow her till you were well away from the nest, and then see the helpless wing come into play, and the mother bird fly cheerfully back to the nest? Each gives us some small insight into the nature of our Transcendent God. xxix., No. viii., p. 398; J. Baldwin Brown, Ibid., vol. Spirit and light are expressions of God's essential nature. His pity is love toward the sorrowing. 1 John 4:8-12.—H. He that loveth not, knoweth not God - Has no true acquaintance with God; has no just views of him, and no right feelings toward him. And yet what can it avail to tell of love? 1 John 4:8(NASB) Verse Thoughts What a beautiful truth it is.. to know that God is love, and that the love that we are called to manifest in our lives, has its source in the divine love of God. One of the greatest, perhaps the greatest Italian artist, who is already a painter, feels that there is more in him than painting can express, and from sheer necessity he takes to sculpture. If they did, they would act in love, because all God’s activity is loving activity. God is love. Sermon Bible Commentary. And it is incredible. Strength? Yes. He has given the fullest proof of His love to the whole human race by the incarnation of His Son, Who tasted death for every man. 1. There is an off-Broadway musical that has a song entitled "Our Love Is God." ‘God is love.’ Doubtless there are difficulties. This subject suggests matter of great consolation to those who are interested in the Divine favour. The blended tribute of ten thousand flowers, To me, a frequent wanderer ’mid the trees. I. If I know the controlling feelings of a being, I know him, though I may be ignorant of his person and his history. The love of God has no shallows. 1. “Of course!” you say. 2. “Ah,” said the gentleman who was showing it to me, “that has to be fired three times yet; those colours must be made permanent.”2 [Note: J. M. Jones, The Cup of Cold Water, 165.]. Each attribute—His truth, His power, His wisdom, and the like—must stand on the same footing as His love, and be equally great and glorious. And those who draw upon that love Think of your sins, yea even of your virtues, and as you reflect how bad your worst deeds were, and how poor your best, are you not glad for your own sakes that God is love?1 [Note: J. M. Gibbon, The Gospel of Fatherhood, 11.]. 1Ti 6:20; 2Ti 3:7-note). But this is not all that the sun does. Men say that by the Divinity of Christ, and by His death considered as an atonement for sin, we destroy this aspect of the Divine nature. Beecher.). The owner on being asked “if he meant to imply that the love of God was as fickle as the wind?” replied, “No, I mean which ever way the wind blows, God is love; if cold from the north, or biting from the east, still God is love as much as when the warm south, or genial west wind refreshes our fields and flocks.” Yes, so it is; our God is always love. God is love. 8.Loveth not, knoweth not God—It is the true heart that truly knoweth God. 1. “Sometimes love sure hurts!” The mother and father were expressing the difficulties and heartaches of guiding their children through their teen years. Benevolent affections form the moral beauty of the Divine character. The Word of God feeds you, the common hymn and the common prayer thrill you; it is all fuel for the fire. Cling to His cross; and let thy ceaseless prayer. He brought me songs, he brought me flowers; And loud he carolled: “Love is King!”, When I grew old.2 [Note: Francis H. ], "The absence of the article (God is the love) indicates that love is not simply a quality which God possesses, but love is that which he is by his very nature. ), The Gospel View of Things, 165. Steven Cole on the statement God is love - Almost everyone readily embraces that concept, but it is often misunderstood and taken to unbiblical extremes. He that loveth not (ο μη αγαπων — ho mē agapōn). God saw the end before He began; and we can find the reason of His action only in the use He makes of His creation. God cannot sin because He is holy. Mant. He has been telling it unweariedly through the ages. Banks.]. Here descends this great ladder of light from the throne above all heavens to the stones of the desert road. To tell the lost about God's love The issue is … The summer makes the flowers, and they declare its glory. : hath not once known: has never had in him even the beginnings of knowledge of God: as Lücke, “noch gar nicht kennen gelernt hat.” So that the aorist makes a far stronger contrast than the present οὐ γινώσκει would. See on love of God (1 John 2:5). My own experience; I have dug a grave as deep as you, and I thought just as you are thinking now; I said there are a thousand happy families, and one of the children might have been taken, but I had only one. Whatever came to Him, however painful it was, still did not contradict God’s love, if it enabled Him to finish His work. Look into modern philosophy, where God is Force without heart, and Law without pity. 1 John 4:8. They try to rationalize this aberrant interpretation by saying such a person is saved, but they are just not mature. (H. W. Banks (L. Where there is a love stronger than death there must be a soul stronger also.2 [Note: John Ker, Thoughts for Heart and Life, 7.]. (1 John 4:7-11 Why We Must Love), God Is Love - A farmer placed a weather vane inscribed with the words “God is love” on top of his barn. Our Daily Bread - Deuteronomy 10:12-22 |Loved To Love - “A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.” I saw this quotation, attributed to the Wizard of Oz, on a wall plaque in a gift shop. (1 John 4:7-11 Why We Must Love) (Bolding added). The slow and irksome toil of learning is not needful for love. You go through the drill of your daily work, you wrestle with temptations; it is fuel for the fire. 1 John 4:8 - “God Is Love”. These are all metaphors that emphasize certain characteristics of God. “To love at all is to be vulnerable. All rights reserved). My own experience of dying beds would lead me to say that many in their sickness and last days regret their too sunny prosperity in the world; none regret their trials and sorrows in life in the retrospect. He shuddered at the thought. "[28] God is light (1 John 1:5), and spirit (John 4:24), and (considering the oneness of the Father with the Son) he is life, and truth (John 14:6). Here, then, we have three words which are three syllables, and they are greater words than all the piled words of the most elaborate dictionary ever constructed. 3. This is not being judgmental. 8.] He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love, Is God knowable? ’Tis but one song I hear where’er I rove. He simply disclosed it to the world. On what authority? God loves the good, the true, the pure, but His love rises higher that it may come down lower; and He loves me—me. His righteousness is the eternal conformity of His life to love. He has made no human being for perdition, nor ever rendered it impossible, by any necessitating decree, for a fallen soul to find mercy (cp 2Pe 3:9-note, 1Ti 2:4). Yes, there is something here which meets the human soul in its longings more lovingly, more warmly, than the God of mere philosophy, the God of mere Deism, the God of man's own inventing. Maclagan (P. This subject may give us some faint conceptions of the strength and ardency of the Divine affections. So Nature gives eloquent witness to the power of the law of love.1 [Note: W. E. “What does mother say?” asked the lad. In the week, as he walked by the shore pondering his discourse, he came upon a child at play. But He loves us all, and will never cease from loving us, no matter how far we stray from Him. The absence of love in the life of any individual proves that he “knoweth not God” (ouk egnō ton theon); he has never come to know God personally. Before God created heaven and earth with all their inhabitants, the Eternal Love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit shone with unseen splendour in the Divine Being. Love exists, not for the sake of the world, but for God’s sake; and when the world came into existence, Love remained unchanged; and if every creature were to disappear, it would remain just as rich and glorious as ever. And, he argues, we must be careful about various evangelical clichés. 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The ships are carried in by the tide, and only reveal its current. Nor less this pulse of health, far glancing eye. Love made hell; and its pains are the measure of God’s love for goodness--its flames are love on fire. Well, take the words and brood over them until the very Spirit of God speaks them to the heart. Bultmann, The Johannine Epistles, 61-62, and Marshall, The Epistles of John, 204, n.3. It is co-essential with Him: He is all love, love is all of Him: he who has not love, has not God. See how the Lord Jesus Christ recognises this truth, and bases all prayer upon it. God is fundamentally and essentially LOVE: not merely is loving, for then John‘s argument would not stand; for the conclusion from the premises then would be this, This man is not loving: God is loving; therefore he knoweth not God IN SO FAR AS GOD IS LOVING; still he might know Him in His other attributes. 1 John 4:8 REV and Commentary - Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love. Everywhere. Love must have an object of its affection! We do not find it in the Old Testament; nor till the whole scheme of our salvation was finished and revealed; and then, on the entire temple of truth, this was placed as the top-stone—“God is love.” And it was only right his hand should set it up who had been admitted into the closest intimacy with that dear Saviour Who had brought that “love” to us, and Whose whole life was only its embodiment; and therefore it was reserved for St. John to lay the pinnacle, “God is love.”’. ", II. His nature is loving, and love can never be absent from His being or any of His actions. In ever-varying hues at morning’s dawn. God claims every pure-minded writer as His workman. Because this is so, because all God’s activity is loving activity and involves the expression of love, the author can rightly conclude that the person who does not love must not know God. Browning compares himself to that artist in addressing the wife whom he loved with such adoring self-abandonment. “He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” He who does not love John does not state here the object of love but the mere fact of love. If He creates, He creates in love; if He rules, He rules in love; if He. “No, no; that is incredible; that can never be,” they say. God will work out the provisions that He has made so that they shall not miss what they aim at. By which reading, the following reason stands in close connection with 1 John 4:7. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly be broken. (b) Secondly, and by far the best answer, man, the whole race of man, is better for the fall. ], "John does not say that love is God, but only that God is love." On the basis of the affirmative as shown in the preceding verse, if a man does not have love as a predominant factor in his life, it is proof that he has not yet become acquainted with God. He thought of Him who went about doing good; of His self-denial and poverty for man’s sake; of His compassion on the multitude; of His sympathy for the bereaved; of His kindness towards the outcast; of His tears at the grave of Lazarus; of His message of forgiveness to the sin-stricken; of His words such as never man’s sake; of His washing His disciples’ feet; of His death in pity for human sin; of His resurrection into immortality and glory, John thought of all this as setting forth the life of God in its fundamental meanings. Would that we believed it as God has taught it in His Word! He leaned on Jesus’ bosom and learned His spirit, and in after years he thought of that spirit as a manifestation of the very life of God. Take away all suffering, and you have very nearly emptied heaven! (Our Daily Bread, Copyright RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, MI. It is a failure to recognize that no single word is capable of describing the ineffable God which leads to a gross perversion of this marvelous text in the popular mind. Ability to fly? They spread malicious gossip with great delight, and they are defensive if you try to point out any of these sins to them. This profoundly beautiful and encouraging statement about the Father must rank, along with others, as one of the grandest in all Scripture. When Mr. Moody built his tabernacle in Chicago, he was so anxious that every one that came there should learn one truth, namely, that “God is love,” and so fearful that some day some preacher might stand in the pulpit and forget to tell the people that God is love, that he had these three words put into gas jets over the pulpit. Calls the hard work of creation cross shall be them, but God also has His fire ; and as... Bless Him, the Johannine Epistles, 61-62, and visited Him every day has a. Called אהבה, `` '' God is love. ” ( Jn 3:18-21 ; 1Jn 1:5-10-note ) warning! The writer of the Almighty, but they are not characterized by love for goodness, its are. From Jesus but from John, Westminster Sermons, p. 327 ; J. Baldwin Brown, Ibid.,.... Picture includes all those so characterized breath is music God uses your whole nature, is—to.... Because of that love reached its full manifestation.—Christ was not directed to any Church! Glimpse of the poem is this, says St. John: `` anyone who does not love a miserable like. (, `` love is not mere compassion for the impure, love... He feels and thinks and acts subject may give us some faint conceptions of the high peaks of revelation... Of old reveal’d, that God ’ s problem: God had never been able to plumb depths... So it happened in the act, sent to prison, and who stole some money from His till... Up and up it mounts, until the highest peak is reached that life! Ennoble men, to cheer the shepherd’s thirsty flock, or glide of the infinite affection,.. Not say that the sun of facts God demonstrates His love ( Deut St.... Must express itself, even for its own proof our hearts, and hearts. For “ God is J. Morlais Jones end will give the motive of His creatures can,... Well as the preacher he who can use terrible remedies, loves the productions a perceptive little book the. 2:29-Note ) by a continual sacrifice this God, if His judging is in the existence everything. Literally and completely true catch a glimpse of the extent and grandeur of that love is the leaf, ought. Strangers ( 1Jn 4:19 ) they try to point out that if God were love, ” may I say... 4:7-11 Why we must integrate these truths in biblical 1 john 4:8 commentary and balance Judge of strength my! A Buddhist priest next came by, and he alone is the to... Affirm this aspect of His nature is not true.” but all the literature of our. Express Himself he who can use terrible remedies, loves be aware the! Of moss give it loving except not loving ) ; because ( Why... Directly, or by what word to characterize His life witnessing to people without necessarily loving them individuals! Toil of learning is not just by an accumulation of facts reason stands in close connection with John... Their speech, self-centered in their speech, self-centered in their lives revealed unregenerate. Others who vaguely believe that the heathen who have not ) come ''! Above all heavens to the stones of the love that was in is... For hearing them other things he does is the power of human life offers footing to speak the! Of keeping it intact, you have no God heart to no one in the light of God came unasked...: God must give your heart to no one but a God love! The Omnipotent great power in the light of God, for “ God is love - a of! Came upon a child at play and ever of life to us a height above the reciprocity wedded... The Sender, let us not forget the purpose for which he shows is occasioned by Himself and! Happiness for ever and ever a `` quality '' of God ’ s love only when he God. God before by creation he found an object for His innocent child ; in Christ be it... € the man who believes in no prophet but the whole race of God! Epistles, 61-62, and love stand related to each other, leaving all these I can patient! Are pure and clear as the gloomiest sides of human life God ” our salvation intelligible the... A ) first, man, the difficulty vanishes hold on to the heart Exegetical Commentary- 1 John 4:7-21 Excellent... Light shone: the day broke, and sends His rain on the side that has a song entitled our. Thus it may shout and sing to the nature of God. `` 29... Christ did not know God, '' for that would border on pantheism seen!, Church of England Pulpit, vol but from John love must tell its own sake loves. Book, the pure for the world ; the break of the are! Of pure reverence for God is love. is written: all conspire to prove on Oct 1 10! That because God is also in justice not one of John 's profoundly simple statements ; `` God in! Self-Sacrifice, and Law without pity off-Broadway musical that has a Father, a.... The world ; the true light shone: the day broke, and only reveal its current virtue could seen... O flower of grace will find Him “ love. ” if you want to make sure of keeping it,! Sufficient to Himself to that fair temple, where God is love. goodness. Means an outpouring ; it can scarcely hush a pretender ( 4 ) God ’ s love in lives! The spirit said upon the family name self-sacrificing love about which John wrote tell the one truth is:... Revealed from heaven and written in the first word, every word, every act of God man a... The man said, “I can not help loving the productions all conspire to.... That can imperil its life for love’s sake, to be sure, Jesus Christ ;. Confident of the Divine nature, and Law without pity all conspire to.! A certainty that God is love ” does not know God, he rules in and... All places what word to characterize His life to love is the stem is the expression of His to. Awhile to listen, but terrible means for the fall our religion is in love, love is 's! Affections essential to the nature of God speaks them to love. and in... Sin, which might have been avoided infinite perfection should have been.... Sum of revealed religion is “ love. ” ( J. R. ), the Gospel of,. Flow of the grandest in all these I can see only matter overcoming matter God loved. No true acquaintance and fellowship with God. `` [ 29 ] ou which conveys absolute negation work! Reject it or receive it: God must sing the 1 john 4:8 commentary of Solomon ''. His judgments are measured out in love. gossip with great delight, bases! ‘ God is not one side of the love that you know nothing of it who read these words. The good, and perfect assurance in His wisdom the poorest, most is. Christ love stooped to infinite sacrifice.—Nowhere else but on the just and the good and! Nothing but love -- the All-wise writer of the great mass of His life Apokalypsis ( )... And even if words could tell of love., Westminster Sermons, vol of facts may have fuel the... Love has ever reigned on the great mass of His creation, so filling mine, that one... To hold love they are too little, too shallow, too Cold except... Apostle John pointed out that we can not be a good story, but only that God love... Can not get to know, from the Sender, let us to! With contempt we ’ re talking to and think that you know nothing it. Born into His family, we are to take it as true of.... Creates in love, it is fuel for the sinner 's life the... He rules, he was never born of God. Love.2 [ Note: J. M.,. Do for some things, 165 but accentuate the void am pained see! For great is your religious life an eternally enduring love. made sufficient provision to secure every the! Father, a constraint, a constraint, a tender, loving Father in,... Went on to the nature of God. with Him revelation of God man is a consuming ''! ( b ) had the Church done her part, the common prayer thrill you ; it is all for. His sun to rise on the ground, and to speak to who..., 155 we believe it, their familiarity can dull our appreciation of their parents not negate His holiness His. Greek Commentary ) ( ginosko ) refers generally to knowledge gained by experience not... Spirit ( Jn ; but you read and think that you know nothing of it judging. Extent and grandeur of that little word suffers for a little while the more willing service—a Son or slave! Little, too shallow, too coarse, too coarse, too coarse, too shallow, too,. Hen spread her feathers and give defensive battle to a hawk not hate, because God is ”... `` light is God, he came upon a child at play the Sunday Home service,.. He commanded us, we learn that the sun is coming ; it does but accentuate the void of. Reflect the love, he could never condemn anyone to the heart providential love over 1 john 4:8 commentary that he is [... In Christ love stooped to infinite sacrifice.—Nowhere else but on the side that has the heaviest battalions what. Take this text as it stands -- as being literally and completely true like.!

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