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1801 at Cliff 1801 at South Denton
1801  Eads 1801 at Fuller crossing the GMGL main
1801 crossing  MO 52 at Kaye 1801 north of Kaye

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2803 crossing the unnamed creek Train 104 northbound at Wayden
  Train 104 northbound at Miller
  Train 104 northbound at Kaye
There was a storm brewing in the distance
  Train 104 northbound at Cliff
The train was easing around the cut in the bluff above me.
  Train 104 northbound at Beaver Hills
I just barely got to the road crossing before the train was there
  Train 219 southbound at Beaver Hills
The scanner announced a southbound so I hung around to see it.

I was in the right place at the right time and asked if I would like to take a Helicopter ride to view the mainline between Livingston and Purdue!

Here is the footage I took! These are large files

Livingston - Lester 15mb

Miller - Purdue 14mb