The MTW layout is controlled and powered by RailCommand

These are the four auxiliary power stations we use on the MTW
Another view of them
This is the command center. All the locomotive data is stored here.
This is the primary power station mounted above the command station
We used these clips to make all the feeder wire connections around the layout. This was an incredible time saver as we have more than a thousand connections!
These are the throttles for the system.
There is coax cable ran through the layout. This is for connecting the throttle stations.
Getting ready to install the plugs.
All Done!  We did come back later and paint these plates DaGlo Orange. Wanted to make sure we could see them!
Starting the instalation of the Railcommand chip in a Proto 2K GP60
I am using a 'Skinny" receiver
I have the channel etched into it.
I am using the existing DCC plug for the connections.

I determined later that it was better if just removed this plug and started from a bare locomotive.

More connections!
Mounting the chip
All Done!