Hampton, MO


There will be grain bins before long!
This is what it looked like to start
Another before shot, I think the barn is going to have to go away
This is the before shot of wher the pond will be
A before shot of where the grain bins will be
I had to fill the gap at the backdrop with plaster
More patching
Started with colored sawdust to cover the majority of the painted plaster
Turf is going down now
The farmhouse has been placed along with the garage
Here are the grain bins and the local farmer is building a new shed to house the loading equipment
They are working hard!
The pond area
The after shot. As soon as the backdrop painting is fixed I will plant some trees
Looking pretty good!
I have started the building of the elevator and piping
All done. The pipes are aluminum tubing and the strut wires are piano wire cut to fit.
The bins are in place on the layout
Another shot of the bins
One more picture
The farmhouse and road crossing in Hampton
Close-up of the house and garage
Looking south across the bean field towards hampton
Looking south towards Hampton