Fuller, MO


Here it is! The completed Central Metals
Stacks of lumber for making pallets
The storage yard
Rail cars being unloaded
Some new machinery being delivered
Another view
Mike's Place, a local hangout
One more time!

Back to just industry here, Central Metals. New track is going in

All the old buildings have been removed.
Two tracks are installed. The red building is for show. It is not the actual building.
We dug the ground out under the tracks so they would be at ground level
Plaster has been put in to create a concrete pad over the rails
The road is getting a makeover
View from the other side
The crane has been set up
Close-up of the crane
The ground elevation is just about right
The new Central Metals building is getting a paint job
We removed the old Central Metals and filled in the area to bring it up higher.
In addition to Central Metals we are putting in TMI Distribution