We’ve seen insects (and other “innocent deaths”) used in the series before to the same effect. That sky looks sad adWidth = ad.getBoundingClientRect().width; // for modern browsers She recalls the day six years ago when Eren saved her from banditswho killed her parents, the day she received her scarf and began considering Eren as family. adWidth = ad.offsetWidth; // for old IE In the streets of Trost, Mikasa in a Cadet Corps uniform watches as two birds fly through the skies. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ripple Junction Attack on Titan Adult Unisex Mikasa The World is Cruel Light Weight Crew T-Shirt XL Black at Amazon.com. She comes to a clearing, where dozens of bloodied knives lay in the ground. Fight! Ah, what are we going to protect Lost in the Cruel World arc is the second story arc in the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga. On Reddit, u/i__rage ascribes to this theory. '