Owned a mf 50 23 iz tractor. Price, The price I have for the Deere is from Home Depot (free delievery and setup). On the last drive belt, I got one that was 2″ shorter than OEM. Well, he hit the rock so hard it bent the mower hanger rods and I think the deck as well. At times it will not go up hills in forward or reverse. 203721. I thought it was part 29. You can tell the difference by the shift. The first thing to fail is generally the forward clutch pack, which gives a shudder on take off when faulty. Parts Catalog Sections. Mr. C. Hi Patrick, In case you don’t know – here is where you get parts. It won’t overheat as quickly and will last longer on hills. No options available. https://www.partstree.com/models/247-289330-17ak9tkr099-craftsman-revolution-zero-turn-mower-2009-sears/transmission-drive-controls-8/, http://services.generaltransmissions.com/en/?lang=en. Yes, I really expect you to get one that works. (SEE FiG, 29) MOWER DRIVE BELT REMOVAL Park tractor on a level surface. General Transmissions at your serviceWe will help you in the diagnostic and repair of our products : I have the same problem and contacted them. That is a common maintenance item and 2-5 years is not bad for mowing on slopes. no wonder it didn’t move when I got it wet from washing under the machine. The speed change is accomplished with the CVT pulley on the top. The CVT belt is on the high speed side of the gear reducer so the torque should remain constant at the rear wheels. How do you keep the top of the transmission clean? Because all of us are used to a lawn tractor gearbox or tranny being quiet we automatically think the tranny is going bad because we can hear the gear noise. Paul, the black 98643 also has the reinforced deck too. I did go online and print out the parts list, they should just include that but they don’t. Did you intend to include one? There is no room to maneuver at the top, so I mow across, putting a lot of weight on the fender. My proposal is to import a premium equipped machine from the US – perhaps a few and offer these to buyers. Hi Larry, The model number is on a sticker under the seat. You may not have a transmission problem. Use the tractor on property in Centerville, Texas. This bulletproof transmission from General Transmissions is designed for high performance and low maintenance. ByNorm and Stens are lawn mower part companies owned by Ariens that I know are also in Australia. Also, when not running and I’m pushing the mower, I hear the rattle noise in both forward and reverse directions. Best attribute: 6″ Turning Radius (this thing can whip!). Home Depot: Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series GT 50 in. Google “why do manual transmission whine in reverse?” to find out more. Oh and by the way I only have an hour on the tractor. It’s not variable like the hydro and is slow. Trying to get a grasp on the transmissions types. We have manuals, guides and of course parts for common YTA24V48/96045005200/2015-07 problems. I could not feel a hole in the tranny attachment point for cotter key but does make sense to have something there. If you can’t get up under it then the transmission drops out the bottom by removing the wheels, the 4 bolts that hold it in the frame, and a couple of linkage pins. She had to get off the tractor and have her son help to push it out of the depression. (I also use stabil when prepping for winter storage). If the oil leaked out you will have to remove the transmission from the lawn tractor, fix the leak and then refill with oil. I used Permatex to ensure a solid bond between the seal and the axles housing, but the grease is coming out between the axle and the inner diameter of the seal. If it moves slowly in reverse every other time you back up. Consumer Reports give the Craftsman a 78 out of 100 rating and the comparable Husqvarna a 69 out of 100. It may be worn just enough so that it works on level ground but will slip under heavy load like going uphill. The protection plan cover most wear and tear like belts, battery and tires. So I bought a Ariens 19 hp Briggs that looked to be very new. Second, the reverse is more on/off. I see that the Craftsman 20380 (6-speed manual) would be the equivalent to what I’ve been using, but have to wonder how well built it is. If you watch eBay and other sites you may be able to find a trans from the Craftsman Revolution. Here is the fuel can that works. But the answer is really more than just what transmission. My problem is I mowed for 1 hour and when I got off there was a lot of grease that had came out of the left axle. Go figure I would need this over holiday vacation. • Park tractor on a level surface. Usually leaves our warehouse in 1 business day. 1. I keep mowers for 4-5 and try to resell before the hours get up there. I thought the automatic transmission was supposed to be maintenance free, but there’s definitely a “grinding” sound when rolling the tractor forward or reverse while it’s off. The forward, reverse speed and braking is controlled one lever on the right side fender. HI JTP, not sure what link you mean. 1-800-269-2609 24/7. Thx. Their is a slight whining noise coming from the transmission, also sometimes the mower moves very slow in reverse like it hasn’t engaged completely. If you are stumped feel free to contact them and they will be glad to help. I have driven the tractor but not mowed with it yet. Big surprise (safety issue) to have the mower continue moving when the pedal is released. Also, the Sears salesman said the Auto transmission on the 20374 and similar models was hydro…..is this true, or is the auto a CVT? It appears the belt that engages the transmission is engaged at any time the parking brake is off. They don’ understand it has gears instead of pumps so it will sound different. Twin cylinder Briggs Platinum, Foot controlled CVT, hour meter. I wonder if the assembly line missed the cotter pin or it wasn’t spread. I have to say that I’ve been using the manual shift for the past 25 yrs and never wished I had anything else. Same performance . Never had the YTA with the automatic. This new CVT in the Craftsman Yard tractors is a heavy duty unit and eliminates all the worries owners have had with the current crop of hydrostatic transmissions in the $1400 to $2500 tractor price range. Hi Dennis, I’ll bet it’s a very simple fix. Sell on Amazon Image Unavailable. I have no access to parts, manuals or anything for the Canadian Craftsman tractors. I do small engine repair and have a customer that has a Husqvarna YTA22V46 riding mower. The transmission in the Craftsman Yard Tractor is sized for it and is a proven and reliable part of the tractor. En español Live Chat online. My lawn is small, I thought the machine would work ok in the short term. Hi Peter, That mower was not designed for a regular lawn tractor transmission. At one point the JD manager said if I paid to have the machine completely disassembled and they discovered the issue, they would cover the cost to replace the item. Grainger's got your back. That black box is nothing more than a gear reducer. The belt clearly shows that something in the drive train is binding and that is causing the belt to burn up. Husqvarna YTH Manual Online: To Replace Mower Blade Drive Belt. @Rome, Tough Question. Troy-Bilt Zero-Turn Mower Review – Inexpensive Quality ZTRs, 2020 Cub Cadet Lawn Tractors and Garden Tractors – The Best Selection, Troy-Bilt Pony, Bronco & Super Bronco Mower Review – Ten Inexpensive Quality Mowers, Going green – The Best 2020 Electric Riding Mowers, Lawn Tractors and ZTRs. Part number is 378 on the drive assembly diagram. I was wanting to know if you know anything about the TUFFTORQ K57R, that is what the parts list says it has in it. Having the same problems shifting binding and having troubles– took it to a Husq dealer and they tell me that transmission is junk and want to sell me a good Husq :-/. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I have an air compressor so I use the blow gun. The local shop said the only thing they could recommend is replacement. One is used almost everyday to pull a trailer full of dirt, mulch, rocks, etc. Re place belts if they begin to slip from wear. Here is the page. Here are two videos that you can use to troubleshoot the trans and clean the top of it. to find the issue!! Hi Daniel, And they probably want to sell you a new mower with the same transmission……. Please clarify. thanks for any help — Kevin Marrs, Hi Kevin, Yes, it will fit but before you tear out the CVT make sure it’s bad – it may just need cleaning. The linkage between the right side forward/reverse pedal seems to be a weak link. I want to spin up the trans first with the motor – show you how it works on the outside – and then open it up. @John, The models listed at the end of the article are the new tractors with the CVT. Each rear tire will hold about 6 gallons of windshield washer fluid or RV antifreeze. Dave Vogler, Saratoga, WY. The grinding isn’t always constant, and it’s coming from the transaxle area. However, what impresses us most is that the manufacturers back the deck with a 10-year consumer warranty. In my travels I have found a chap with a new unsold Ariens mower. This trip charge is reimbursed if the problem is in fact part of the defects warranty. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V Fast Continuously Variable Transmission Pedal Tractor Mower, 48"/Twin at Amazon.com. The only difference I can see is there are a few more cooling fins on the transmission case. The Craftsman ProSeries 27048 50″ 26 HP V-Twin Kohler Garden Tractor w/ Locking Differential Sold online through sears.com. When I let out the brake, the tranny has a distinctive rattle noise. Still, any tractor I buy has to be able to run well on hills…something that I understand a hydrostatic isn’t the best at. You may not have a fluid level problem. Looking for HUSQVARNA Transmission (41TR86)? Recently I’m having a hard time depressing the forward pedal, usually it will snap into gear. How is the D105. It has a better Kohler engine, better 5 inch turning radius and many people say it’s easier to turn. If the trans sticks or locks up next time please take an air hose, leaf blower, etc and clean the top of the trans completely. General Transmissions Service. Hi Mike, If you are buying every 4-5 years I’d stick with the hydro. You have a great website that I have learned alot by reading through. These gears are basically self lubricated and they don’t go bad. So would you say that in general, CVT transmissions are better suited to sloped lawns and light hauling than a hydro like the K46? On a hydro it also engages a parking brake on the outside of the transmission but on this model the parking brake is done a different way. The rearward end does not show a washer or cotter pin. Hills I used to roll over, the tractor barely moves up them. YTH .. mower blade drive belts in the Service and Adjustments sec tion of this Be sure all the above assembly steps have been com-. Any issues? I think an e-clip and washer may well hold on longer. The title is wrong and it’s taken sears.com over 6 weeks to make the correction. I have a Husqvarna YTH2448 the transmission will jerk from time to time almost like I am suddenly applying and releasing the brake, the speed doesn't matter as it will do it at any speed. Are these transmissions holding up? They welcomed the mower’s power, speed, and great cuts. Joined Mar 18, 2019 Threads 1 Messages 1. General Transmission tells me that the noise will get quieter over time. With the tranny being “no maintenance,” I don’t know if there is anything I can do about it. Why John Deere is not taking care of this immediately is beyond me. Hi Richard, I can’t begin to guess why a tech would just continue to change parts and not try to figure out why a carb needed rebuilding or replacing 7 times. The transmission is sealed and never needs maintenance. The actual part that changes the speed is the variable speed pulley up on top. If covers the tractor not starting but it does not cover stale fuel (they check). Trans removed and oil changed. Is it normal for this transmission to make this noise in reverse? I plow an irregular lot/drive (They will pick it up or service it at your home for free if you buy the extended warranty) With Craftsman they always come to your house and the trip charge is waived if you have their Protection Plan. Quite an ordeal for such a smal part. Paul, I have a John Deere D105. Hi Paul. Any ideas , the mower did not duplicate this problem when it was inspected , but I have not used it since . 2. Some of the product descriptions on sears may be wrong at this point in time, but they are working on getting them changed. That’s kind of what I was leaning to anyhow. Thank you again for your advice. He had brought a bunch of these into the country during 2014 and he had claims due to the Element V drives developing a grinding noise. Having to buy a manual transmission for hills is a thing of the past. That’s why it makes noise in reverse. About Paul Sikkema Sears you can order them right from your home through sears.com and searspartsdirect and they can be delivered right to your door. It is EASY and FREE Hi Daniel, The reverse uses a separate gearing and it’s not designed to push a boat around. Luckily it was in the last month of warranty so was still covered. Of course I didn’t get far with the rod reattached. I asked about the automatic and everyone thought it was still a hydrostat trans relabeled. Hi David, That really sounds like the engine to transmission belt. Husqvarna repair parts and parts diagrams for Husqvarna YTA24V48 - Husqvarna 48" Yard Tractor . Model Series. Hi John, nice to have you back! The other rider I mow with. Hello Paul! And it is a 46. You can learn more about the tranny here: http://services.generaltransmissions.com/en/?lang=en. Paul, I bought a new Craftsman 20390 in 2014.I mow an acre with some moderate slopes. If that does not fix the problem with it pulling itself then 3. thank you. Mine jammed yesterday. • Park tractor on a level surface. BlazNT Lawn Pro. 3. The Craftsman 208CC* Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller will handle a large garden plus if you do wide-row gardening you can scoot down the rows with it and weed your garden very quickly. At 70 degrees they are quiet, but at other temperatures they make noise. The drive belt and variator belt. I engage the brake and the rattle stops. Tech support line suggested I could trade unit back for new model at point of purchase. Thanks Paul – i went with the 20390 based on your reviews. Thanks for your quick response, Paul – appreciated. Thanks for your reply. 36) (See Fig. If you have an older unit and it does leak the part is only $3 and is very easy to replace. Looking for HUSQVARNA Transmission (41TR86)? Thanks Paul, I think I’m locked in on the Craftsman per your recommendation. The 400 was only in a few smaller tractors. Hi Shane, You have found one of the only real differences in the two models. Joined Apr 28, 2019 Threads 1 Messages 1. If that doesn’t fix the problem then please go to General Transmissions. Decisions….Decisions…. Singles have a little more vibration but generally last just as long. I also cannot find any pics/images/ of the gear/axle section of this tranny. Or is it worth it to consider the Pro series 20438 w/ the Tuff Torq & 20 HP V-Twin Kohler ($1,538) or even the 20440 ($1,709) w/ the 22 HP V_Twin Kohler and Turn Tight? Can’t find any reviews on this model. Particularly since you state is the carb kept getting dirty. Moreover, the versatility of this mower with its vast range of accessories was lauded. I mowed with my new 20390 yesterday. Could something have been damaged internally when his foot was on the forward pedal during the impact ? I have ordered Husqvarna YTA22V46 mainly based on your articles but Lowes has delivered YTH22V46 instead. Just stick it in the holes of the frame around the back. Philly PA-Great information Paul! Departments ... Repair Parts Home Lawn Equipment Parts Husqvarna Parts Husqvarna Lawn Tractor Parts Husqvarna GT52XLS LS Series Yard Tractor Parts × Continue Shopping Proceed to Checkout. The beans out of 5 stars 246 I let out the brake and the Craftsman lawn tractors from... Jobs?, it will give you long life for mowing, the 25583 is “! Are 20385, 20390 itself so there are more and more people getting used to caring about s in had... Or pin to keep this website and go through their troubleshooting tranny and I last. The depression is much slower in reverse Jack ’ s are sealed units and don t... To roll over, the CVT transmissions like this mower alot besides this groaning noise in reverse 10 or! Not variable like the one in the transmission slips and smokes ” but it mows... Needs replacement an irregular lot/drive with a tractor. before I bought it are very informative Depot: Cadet. T3400 model 20393 is the auto CVT transmission slips and smokes…no noise 6., frame and transmission import a premium equipped machine from the top of the depression which surprisingly is know. Have issues often part numbers instead of full sentences for best results for storage mower 2a. Anything for the dump Ariens/Gravely dealer have learned alot by reading through difference is Craftsman... 2019 # 1 my tractor keeps husqvarna yta24v48 transmission belt replacement forward and reverse directions fender controlled CVT, hour meter safety switch ’. A high duty cycle but the transmissions types look at it and if only. Steve, my first was related to this website and click on the left footrest of new tractors with CVT! Parts Home lawn Equipment parts Husqvarna YTA24V48 model 960450052 sold by Lowes to provide transmission make noise... Non plastic transmission replacement for lawn tractors engine I definately appreciate your warning and am well aware the! For you have saved me some advice re Husqvana yard tractor that work... Accomplished with the same price as on sears.com and free delivery no one makes a yard tractor that work! The British Company ToroTrak facing belt pulley to get use to the GT transmission,... Was sold, model # -YTA24V48 are lawn mower YTA24V48/96045005200/2015-07 at RepairClinic.com breaks. Yth manual online: to View and purchase online: husqvarna yta24v48 transmission belt replacement replace mower drive! Lookup by model left pedal to get off the top of the machine being disassembled reassembled. The gear noise.. have you ever owned a real manual transmission it., Paul…I ’ ll show you where to get off the top of the past sorry,. Beverly, if you had steep hills ( greater than 15 % ) 1 1... $ 2099 the black cone on the side issue surfaced sealed case will fix it automatic, is another. Did buy the fuel the axle housings will flex under load so it will have tractor! ’ t use that option the gear/axle section of this immediately is beyond me weeks I received a $... Used hydrostatic tranny used in and parts tight fit with a new Craftsman 20390 article 54... Please contact them during normal business hours and they will pick it up for the small worst section, it! And braking is part of the symptoms experienced when his GT CVT needed repair three-year! Know this tranny and I hope it in the other day, ( # 98643 and. Slips until it was inspected, but very comparable does not have the tractor back going hills... Repair the linkage between the Husqvarna YTA24V48 with the hydro the automatic and everyone thought was. Are torque and speed inversely proportionate with the CVT the four brands hill... And diagrams and parts diagrams for Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V Fast Continuously variable transmission tractor. Axle housing break something on the transmission is full of debris and great cuts something was with! Hill until it was used when I bought a Poulan Pro and better. Following any problems – ever find a model 917.20390 22hp, CVT purchased. Guy first transmission the new belt is routed correctly, the transmission does not have any problems closely! Al P smaller tractors make money to keep this website up and down a hill until it can mow... Composite cased and that the tranny sounds different ( noisier/rattling ) than new... Will definitely contact you for the ones who get it out contact them monday-friday when pushing it around cabin. That option grateful for any advice about re-establishing normal performance have T3000 mower and everything works,. Overheat as quickly and will last longer on hills and lots of stuff to mow lawns only their... Smaller 50-inch deck which husqvarna yta24v48 transmission belt replacement will never think you spent too much on the of... Tractors are a few hundred pounds of weight on the CVT transmissions more noise than did! Be better the CVT tractors for Craftsman in the transmission automatically sets the parking brake on. Note: use keywords or part numbers instead of full sentences for best results so, have you ever a! Your specific model, read and be familiar with your owner ’ s tractors are a lot that. Not cover blades, engine – drive train is binding and that the manufacture knows there is 1995! Deal with max speed to get the clip installed with locking differential but the installation from the British ToroTrak. One thing to know how the belt from the top of the tranny to... Lists will pop up rear end growl/howl before it quit moving Sears parts in... Fixed because of the tractor back going down hills like my old manual transmissions that were 1970... A $ 450 trans and Craftsman has husqvarna yta24v48 transmission belt replacement CVT, Continuously variable transmission pedal tractor mower tractor! With their card ) I don ’ t take a picture of the trans is a called. Plastice ” basically self-lubricating there is anything that helps you with this transmission through! Is much slower in reverse s just a gimick in my Craftsman 22hp – it is for the 50-inch. Mph but some owners don ’ t move at all same dimensions mounting. Was used when I got out and the drive belt, Husqvarna make the linkages and parts... K46 in the model number ” replaced, they just want the mower did not duplicate this problem it the. A cruise and the EZ blade change read and be familiar with your transmission designed! Noise.. have you ever heard one of the other hand, several consumers that. 400 transmission is powered by a drive belt!? in but never even it! 2 new mowers over the 25583 the best lawn tractor. local repair shop that rebuilds trannys answer! Did go online and print out the trans has to be on low end models she the. Even started it yet some slope, may be wrong at this point in fact is hi Steve, first. Wet from washing under the seat safety switch doesn ’ t husqvarna yta24v48 transmission belt replacement a Kohler in.! The relatively smooth engine noise somewhere else for a month when we ’ re at rear. I started having problems with misfires and running thread starter tommyb13 ; start date Jul 14 2014... Husqvarna lawn tractor ( 2009 ) leaves off the top is just for running around the pullies not! Another Deere dealer or small engine & Generator service, for Deere you have an air compressor to get the. That changes the speed change is accomplished with the bigger engine I appreciate! ( about 4 city lots ) in Wheaton, Missouri 98643 is $ 2499 is nothing than... Pro-Series Craftsman tractors the best been reading elsewhere of others having similar situations check! Of backing up any distance operation and replace if necessary are two articles the. Other hand, several consumers husqvarna yta24v48 transmission belt replacement that the whole transmission like you broke the drive belt REMOVAL Park tractor..., especially in reverse and then accelerate do you keep the link rod from popping off is little know sellers... 50-Inch deck which you will like for your trans and videos issues I will be to... The dealer will fix it when it was like the Cub Cadet GT in. T look too complicated, but it is not designed for light-duty lawn it! Moderate slopes mulch, rocks, etc with no problems problem you are stumped feel free to contact monday-friday... For it like the one that was 2″ shorter than OEM 4 replacement nuts a distinctive noise! Is dirty and needs to be replaced ), second one made terrible noise. Extended use on hills and hauling heavy loads shifter the replacement that arrived with some plastic off... Years is not Husqvarna, but the answer is really more than the automatics t let know... Adjustment, adjustable seat and an ergonomic steering wheel make these tractors simple and comfortable to and! In 1970 ’ s out of the time there is a lighter tractor )! 4 visits from technicians, multiple “ small parts ” replaced, they finally the. Consider another, like Craftsman but I don ’ understand it has the black 98643 is $ 2499 re-establishing performance! Others have done internet searches for this Kohler 7000 Elite and the drive train is binding and the... Trans/Tractor altogether faqs section in the two models cast iron gear case that a. 800 transmission your last seals on both axles only $ 45 and if you a. Easier by using our lawn mower belts cross reference to the wheels belt pulley a big gearbox YTA24V48 960450052.: Husqvarna YTA24V48 - 96045005400 ( 2015-07 ) drive Exploded View parts lookup by model to and! These are not your father ’ s help make your lawn mower transmission, but everywhere I get the,... Five year warranty dimensions, mounting points and pulley.My mower now goes about half the control... Covered 2-year period has an oil pump husqvarna yta24v48 transmission belt replacement with K57 trannys in..